2020 QLD State Swimming Championships

Final Information
SQ have advised a “final information booklet” will be available tomorrow at the link below;

QLD Swimming Championships – event page

Relay Teams
Please see final relay teams here
As there are no reserves, in the event a swimmer does not attend, the whole relay team will need to forfeit.

Race Times
Please see racing timeline here
Swimmers are advised to arrive 80-90 mins prior to their scheduled race time

MBS Athlete Etiquette
• Arrive on time (80-90mins prior to scheduled race time)
• Arrive in MBS uniform
• Notify coaching staff of your arrival
• Sit with Team, in designated area
• Wear MBS uniform for warm-up, heats, finals and medal presentations
• Speak to coaches before & after each race

I have been advised clubs will need to abide by allocated seating, throughout the event. SQ have advised that seating information will be available each day, outside the check-in gates. Please check this information, so swimmers are aware as to where our club will be sitting.

Outside Marquee
In the event inside seating is crowded, we have been provided a spot for one of our MBC / PINK 3m x 3m tents, outside, near the old marshalling room.