How to Enter Meets
Entering a meet - Instructions
How often should I compete?
Race Day Expectations

How to Enter Meets

A full season Calendar of Events is available here - these events are targeted meets.

A targeted meet means that it is our intention to encourage any MBS athlete to participate (pending the athlete meets any required performance prerequisites) 

Entering a meet - Instructions

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How often should I compete?

MBS coaches understand that hanging out at Chandler for six hours is not an enjoyable experience for swimmers and parents. 

We also understand that people live busy lives and often need to travel to  several venues for different sporting commitments over the weekend.  

Therefore, we ask swimmers and parents to enter the event they wish to enter first. Coaches will then have a look at the entries and advise you of any recommended changes. 

Race Day Expectations

Brisbane Swimming and Swimming Queensland events (BSA/QSA) - Information – day of meet

  1. Please ensure athletes arrive 90mins prior to their scheduled race.
  2. Please ensure athletes check‐in with their coach upon arrival.
  3. Please ensure athletes arrive in appropriate MBS branded attire.
  4. Please ensure athletes pack appropriate food/fuel for the day.

Other competition notes

Withdrawing from events/heats/finals (including reserves)

In the interests of maintaining appropriate swimming etiquette, Moreton Bay coaches will be promoting the philosophy of requiring athletes to swim in all events they have nominated for (only withdrawing for medical reasons).

Race suits

Race suits are designed to be worn for races only – not warm‐up.

Coaches understand that “putting on a race suit” can be stressful, however this is why we practice “race days” on most Wednesday evening training sessions, at Moreton Bay College. At these sessions, athletes practice putting on their race suits, in a timely manner (under 20mins).

Pre/Post race debrief

Athletes are required to check‐in with coaches both BEFORE and AFTER each race, so that feedback can be communicated efficiently.

Athlete accountability

With the introduction of “self‐marshalling” at all BSA/QSA events, athletes are now accountable for getting to their race & lane on time. Some athletes arrive to the competition with their event numbers written on the arm/feet or phone – used as a reminder for the day.


Please ensure athletes arrive in appropriate MBS branded attire.

We would like athletes to get into the habit of arriving to each race fully clothed, including shoes/runners.


Swimmers are required to bring fins to each competition, as these will be used during warmup.

It would also be a good idea to bring “spares” of the following;

‐ Goggles

‐ Cap

‐ Towel

- Fins