COVID Restrictions - Updated 6:00pm 19-August. 2021

As part of the recent QLD Health announcement, the Moreton Bay Swimming program will reopen to all members from Saturday 20-August. Please note, some restrictions remain, which will impact many participants of the Moreton Bay Swimming Community.

QLD Health Announcement

Some key points below;

  1. All swimmers from learn to swim and squads may return to the pool from Saturday 21-August. Please contact the pool office here, if you have any doubts about your scheduled class time on Saturday.
  2. To ensure social distancing, the College has asked parents of squad athletes, to continue to use the drop-off / pick-up area and avoid any unnecessary College attendance.
  3. Normal COVID-19 control measures continue to remain in place for adults on the MBC campus, including QR code scanning and face masks. Please continue to limit any gathering of adults before or after school, in carparks, and at drop-off and pick-up points. 

I want to thank all members of our community for their patience, especially our MBBC boys and non-MBC student athletes. Your ongoing support has allowed our College to continue to ensure the safety of our community.