2021 Swimming Camp

18,19,20 January

Day 3 - wrap-up Girls arrived at the historic Manly Pool, greeted by Pool Leasee (and MBC Old Girl) Gabrielle Lemberg, brother of 1984 Olympic Bronze Medalist, Justin Lemberg. The girls then were lead through a 60min yoga class, by "InstaFamous" physiotherapist, Tom Barton, from the HealthCollab.

From here, our year 12 girls took control and lead the pool session, focusing on race skills and team work. Our team is privileged to have such a great group of young women, leading our swimming team.

Groundhog Social arrived just in time, providing the girls with a hot breakfast, whilst being challenged with trivia questions on MBC Swimming History.

The bus collected our team, transporting us to the QGSSSA Championships venue - Chandler Aquatic Centre. Girls were asked to participate in 3 events, finishing with a whole team relay.

After arriving back to the College, girls were treated to a "pittapattaplatter" picnic lunch, where our captains awarded prizes to our camp high-achievers.

This is just the beginning of our 2021 campaign, however I already have a number of thank you's...

Coordinating this camp, in the midst of COVID and Weather related constraints, proved challenging. However, we continued to pivot and improvise where possible, in order to provide the girls with the best experience possible. This wouldn't have been possible, without the support of the following people...

Senior Leadership - Thank you Janet Stewart and Sue Pavish for your ongoing support of the program.

Parent Support Group - thank you to Yvonne Kane, Sharnel Dollar, Karen Nicolson, Cherie Caldwell, Kristy Sorenson, Leanne Stevenson and Kasandra Tunstall for your help in keeping the girls fuelled!

Cocurricular office - Thank you to Rosie Harm for keeping the kids safe and Kathy Leaver for your administrative support.

Swim program / coaching staff - Nikki Mcgregor, Tamara Quinn, Cameron Mcgregor, Kurt Harron & Lily Price (OG20).

It is my intention to continue to provide the girls with the best experience possible, however we are always trying to improve on our ideas - thus I would ask you to please seek advice from your daughters, to assist with the 2min feedback survey, available at the link below;

Feedback Survey

Where to from here.....

In the coming days, the QGSSSA Swimming page will start to populate with information about Events, Training and Competition Schedule.

This information would normally be firmly communicated by now, however QGSSSA member Schools continue to adapt to COVID related policy, especially around cocurricular activity and participation.

I look forward to providing all details relating to the 2021 Swim Season in the coming days.




Day 2 - Wrap-up girls backed up with a solid "sprint challenge", to begin Day 2 of Swim Camp. It was great to see the girls continue to commit to striving for excellence, despite adversity, whilst also supporting their team mates.

Regrettably, safety concerns around the weather on the Gold Coast, ruined our plans for a team exercise at Purlingbrook Falls. However girls adapted quickly, with our captains leading a number of fun activities in the Waller Centre.

Midday saw the girls arrive at Top Golf, for lunch and games. The unlimited fajita's and soft drink provided fuel for the entertaining bus ride home, with girls either in a food coma or joining in on the very festive, Beiber choir.

We will likely have some tired girls tonight...however we look forward to seeing you early tomorrow at Manly Pool.

Day 1 – Wrap-up 61 swimmers converged on the Sunshine Coast today, enjoying a range of activities including; swim sessions, beach visit and relay practice.

The intense beach session, led by several members of our armed forces, propositioned the following themes to girls, whilst they combated with several physical constraints.

Communication, Contribution, Confidence and Care.

I was extremely proud of the MBC girls today, showing heart whilst completing physical tasks, but being aware and helpful to those who struggled.