Day 2 – Wrap up Today the swimmers returned to the pool for another full morning! Liam ran another successful dry land session, extending on coordination, team building and core strength activities.

We saw an improvement in the girls streamlines today and focus on their technique! Coaches worked largely on butterfly and backstroke today, relay changes, diving and race skills.

We finished our day with our year 6’s leading and teaching the team our MBC war cries!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped organise the two day clinic! We hope all the girls have taken something positive away from the sessions and we look forward to seeing them back in the pool for our first compulsory training session on Friday, 29th January!

Kind regards,


Day 1 – Wrap up 42 swimmers joined us at Moreton Bay Aquatic centre today, enjoying a range of activities aimed at improving technique and skills in the pool.

Our day began with a dryland session in the Waller Centre, focusing on coordination, core strength and stability and team work. This session was led by Moreton Bay Colleges’ strength and conditioning coach Liam Gracey.

We then approached our first swim session with an introduction to our 4 goals for the swimming season: 

 1. Have fun 

 2. Streamlines 

 3. Fast finishes 

 4. Encourage others 

 This session followed with a team warm up and stroke correction on freestyle and breaststroke with our 5 coaching staff. Our second swim session focused on speed and skills, with swimmers participating in a circuit of diving technique, sprints, finishes, kick speed and underwaters. 

We wrapped up day 1 with a war cry, building our team spirit early in the swim season. Overall a wonderful day! Myself and all coaching staff were extremely proud of the girls. Their encouragement and sportsmanship during dryland and their dedication to improving their technique and skills was impeccable. We look forward to having them all back tomorrow!

Kind regards,