Come say farewell to Coach Mikki...

Thursday 20-June, 4:20-4:40pm @MBC Pool

To the MBC swimming family, I can’t thank everyone enough for how much love I have received since coming into the community last October. Retiring from swimming last year, coaching was the last place I thought I would find myself. But I fell in love with the environment and the swimmers at the pool and felt an ease and happiness on pool deck that took me by surprise. 

I have been given an amazing job opportunity in the field I’ve been studying for the last 8 years and unfortunately can’t keep coaching. It’s been a decision that I struggled with more than I thought I would. I don’t want to be a stranger and still want to be around pool deck when I can and check on everyone’s progress. 

To my intermediates and cadets, you guys bring me so much joy and happiness. It makes me incredibly sad to not see your smiling faces everyday. You guys have grown and developed so much since I’ve been taking you. I hope you keep pushing yourselves harder and strive for more success. I have loved showing you guys how capable you are and I hope I’ve given you a little belief into how far you can go in the sport with hard work and persistence. 

I will continue to check in with you all on a regular basis!