2021 National Age Swimming Championships

Gold Coast Aquatic Centre

5-6 April - Multiclass Events
7-12 April - Able Body Events

The National Age Championships are the highest level of domestic competition for athletes aged 18 years and under.

Many academic institutions consider attendance at these championships as a prerequisite to attain Elite Athlete Categorization. Benefits of this categorization will differ between institutions, however it is interesting to note, entities such as QUT offer “adjustment schemes” – see here as an example

Entering this meet will require members to have the following;

  1. Swimmers must have active/financial 2020/21 competitive membership with MBS
  2. Swimmer must have already achieved the relevant qualifying time (link below).
  3. Entries close 12:00pm Monday 22 March - no late entries

Competition Information  - full meet information here

MBS Team Uniform - click here to see uniform options - orders close 9:00am Monday 22 March

MBS Relay Teams - Expression of interest - closes Friday 19 March

More Information - Swimming Australia website